Implant placement

WARNING – This section contains surgical per-op pictures.

Implant therapy is now the gold standard to replace missing dentition.

In order for the dental implant to become solid, straight-forward cases require at least 3 months of healing between placing the implant fixture and placing the final crown on the implant.

Implant placement is always done under local anesthesia, in a atraumatic way. The procedure is comfortable and patients often report the extraction of the tooth more diffcult to go through then the implant placement.

At Implant Docs, we are trained to perform delayed and immediate implant placement as well as immediate and delayed loading, depending on the indication.

Immediate implant placement and loading means that the failing tooth is extracted, the implant fixture is placed and a provisional tooth is inserted on the implant the same day. When it is possible and indicated, the patient leaves the office with a tooth instead of a gap the same day.

Here is another example of immediate placement for a molar.

That failing molar was extracted using a flapless atraumatic extraction and the implant fixture was placed during the same procedure.

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