Dental implant complications

At Implant Docs, we accept referral for all implant related complications, whether you did or not the planning, the placement or the prosthetic steps.

We are always happy to help our referring dental professionals when complications occurs. do not hesitate to send us your patients for a consultation with as much information as you can get.

Non prosthetically-driven implant dentistry


Previous guided bone regeneration failure and non-prosthetically driven implant placement.

Poor facial aesthetics and chronic soft tissue inflammation.

Corrected with:

Previous implant extraction, Guided bone regeneration and prosthetically driven implant placement.

Connective tissue grafting to correct facial aesthetics.

Prosthetic screw retrieval


Final abutment screw broke after 5 years of function.

Corrected with:

Dental  microscope screw retrieval and return of the patient to the restorative dentist for a new implant-supported crown.

Implant extraction


Failing implant placed outside of the practice, after 3 years of function, .

Corrected with:

Eximplantation and bone grafting.

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